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You are one of the more than 2,700 Litchfield by the Sea homeowners and a very important member of our family of residents.

Our objective is to provide you with the very best living experience.

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A Letter from Bob Postiglione, LBTS Board President

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Reunion Hall’s List of Common Vendors with Codes

With the Implementation of the new Litchfield by the Sea security program there is a revision to the past practice of allowing contractors/vendors and delivery services access to Reunion Hall.  A list of frequent contractors/vendors is being created and maintained by Waccamaw Management.  Contractors/vendors on this list will be assigned new codes that they will enter into the “Vendors Only Keypad” located on the fixed pass scanner tower at the Reunion Hall gate.  All existing four digit codes for contractors/vendors will be deleted from the “Resident Directory” on May 1, 2016 and residents’ four digit codes will be deleted on June 1, 2016.  

All residents please ensure you have a new barcode or a valid phone number in the “Resident Directory” to access the community after June 1, 2016.

Below is the current list of frequent contractors/vendors that come to multiple residences on a regular basis but without having a specific appointment/delivery time with the homeowner.  Other contractors/vendors such as a plumber or pizza delivery, who are contacted by a resident for a scheduled visit/delivery, will not be assigned a key pad code.  A resident can use either the “Resident Directory” phone admit feature (now accommodating long distance/cell phone numbers) or the new resident module computer website, email or voicemail system to have a pass issued to this type of contractor/vendor at the LBTS gate on the day of service/delivery.

Individual requests for additions to the list will be considered if the contractors/vendors meet the above criteria.

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The below vendors have 24/7 access.  

 Georgetown Sheriff & Midway Fire   

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March 19, 2019

Dear Property Owners,

Over the past 9 months, things have been relatively quiet in all of the LBTS communities. This may be due in part to the fact that it is a quiet time of the year.

The major issue that we have had is people entering unlocked cars and taking things like computers, cash and guns that have been left in the car.

In speaking with the local sheriff's office, they refer to this as “lock it or lose it”, and strongly advise residents and guests to always lock your car!!! We have had a couple incidents on the beach campus of theft from unlocked storage in the lower level of homes (on stilts), but luckily the thief was caught and the merchandise recovered in one of the two incidents. Again, please remember to lock a storage area that is accessed from the outside of your home.

I have some statistics from the Georgetown County Sheriff that show the number of calls down between 2017 and 2018 both in the county and in the area of Prince George to North Litchfield. A copy of this report is shown below. I have asked the Sheriff’s office for statistics like this for the beach and other communities and hope to get it in the future.

Finally, I am very happy (well sort of) to advise you that our Barcode Administrator is moving on.  Jennifer Wing has been promoted to Community Specialist, replacing Vicki Cooper who has resigned from Waccamaw Management.  In her new role, she will aid Lisa Hergenrother and others and will assume the management of her replacement, Christine Strembicki. (

So, while we lose Jennifer, she is not going too far and will still be around to help us.

Please join me in congratulating both Jennifer and Christine.


Tom Leis

LBTS Security Director

 A Letter from Bob Postiglione, LBTS Board President

     March 29, 2019


With Spring upon us and Summer on its way… We’re gearing up for another Great Year at Litchfield by the Sea.  We’ve been enhancing landscaping where we could… and maintaining the huge common areas we all know and love.

These 2019 Projects include:
1. Landscaping across from the main gate along Retreat Beach Circle fronting the Lakeside Community has been dramatically cut back, cleaned up and will be properly maintained going forward… With a little patience the remaining landscaping will flush out and will provide the positive first impression to LBTS that has been sorely needed.

2. Bulkheads at the Osprey Lake fishing dock have been repaired after storm flooding caused some wash out damage.

3. Resurfacing of several the LBTS common roads will be commencing and completed prior to peak rental season
4. The decking and stairs on the upper seating area at the Beach House deck has been replaced with a synthetic deck material and looks fantastic… We expect that the additional cost of the synthetic decking will be offset by substantial lower maintenance requirements and a much longer useful life.  Depending on feedback from ownership… Additional deck replacement of the beach house decks with the synthetic material will follow in the years to come.  

5. The waterway behind homes along Club Circle in the River Club was cleared of down trees and debris.

6. Storm drain repairs on both the Ocean Campus and at River Club will be performed later this year.


The past six months have been relatively quiet on the Ocean Side and River Club Campuses. We did experience some vandalism at the Ocean Campus, primarily break-ins to unlocked automobiles. There were also thefts from the lower level, unlocked areas of a few condos. One was a rash of about three condos’, where the local sheriff was able to discover and arrest the responsible person.

With the summer months fast approaching, we will need to remain very focused on petty vandalism and an-authorized attempts to either drive a golf cart or walk into our communities. Please remember to keep your car locked when leaving them unattended.

Finally, we need everyone's support to use the North and South gates whenever possible to reduce the traffic at the main gate.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve security, please contact Tom Leis at  Other than occasional system glitches, the system is performing well.

As was discussed in my last letter… Following an exhaustive financial review of our Reserve Study and Operating Budget by the newly formed Finance Committee, the Board at LBTS has finalized the 2019 Budget.  Many of us take for granted the day to day operation and beauty of our slice of heaven called Litchfield by the Sea… Whether it be roads, landscaping, ponds, sidewalks, fountains, bulkheads, sewers, security, beach crossovers or our beach house and decks… Your Board and our Management Company, Waccamaw Management are working to keep LBTS among the top Beach Resort Communities…

All of this takes a financial commitment by us all… The LBTS Board is mindful of this and strives to find savings and efficiency where we can… without diminishing the WOW Factor that we’ve all come to expect…

To attempt to alleviate future “Special Assessments” like we experienced this year… The Board is proposing implementing a one time “Initial HOA Fee” imposed to buyers at all Litchfield by the Sea communities at closing… A one-time fee of $995.00 would be paid by buyers at closing….  If sales trends continue, these funds would generate substantial revenue to our Reserve Fund allowing the maintenance of the LBTS infrastructure without the need for additional funding from our ownership.   To make such a change to our Master Documents… This proposal must be voted on by the full LBTS Ownership to be implemented… Fail… and the likelihood of future special assessments to fund the Reserves to maintain our aging infrastructure will continue…  Pass… and new buyers to LBTS will be contributing to what Ownership has been maintaining from the beginning…

Don’t forget our annual meeting will be on Saturday, June 15th at 10:00 am at the Waccamaw Library.

Also, our web site contains a wealth of information for LBTS homeowners and visitors.

Finally… We’d like your input.  Let us know how you think we can make Litchfield by the Sea better for you… Direct your comments to Lisa Hergenrother @ Waccamaw Management via her email

The Litchfield by the Sea Board would like to wish you a fantastic Spring and Summer… Stay Safe…

For the Litchfield by the Sea Board of Directors

Bob Postiglione
Board President

Christine Strembicki

Tom Leis

2019 LBTS Newsletter

Willbrook Road District

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